Over 60 years of experience
to serve you

In business today, one very important factor is far too often neglected. -
The Customer

We at Charm City Warehouse put the customer number one. Our first priority is to meet and exceed our customers expectations, for without you we do not exist. Our goals are error free order picking and shipping our customers orders on time.

A family owned and operated business, Bernard Sommer founded Charm City Warehouse in 2003 and grew rapidly to become a leader in the third-party logistics industry in the Baltimore - Washington corridor. The team at Charm City Warehouse, including Bernie, manages all aspects of the business - from forklift operation, freight handling, inventory management, and customer service to sales. Today, Charm City Warehouse owns and operates over one million square feet of storage space at multiple facilities.

Our customers range from local, small or medium-sized businesses to large, national corporations. Our customers choose to outsource their storage operations with us because we provide the safe, cost-effective and convenient solutions unmatched in the industry. We develop long-term partnerships with our customers by providing reliability and efficiency - trusted service to build strong relationships.